Plastic VS Metal Eyewear Frames

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Published: 06th December 2010
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It does not matter whether someone is looking for a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. They will want to make sure they purchase the highest quality in designer glasses so they can have the glasses for a long time. One thing for people to consider when looking at the durability of glasses is the material of the frames. The two basic composition of frames are plastic vs metal frames in fashion. Each of them has different advantages over one another. People will want to know more about these frames before making a decision between plastic vs metal frames in fashion.

Plastic frames are very durable. Many times plastic frames will be thicker than metal frames. If someone has thick prescription lenses, they will be able to hide this thickness better with the plastic frames. The only potential disadvantage of these frames is that they typically do not have adjustable nose pads. This will make the glasses slide down a person's face much easier. Different designer eyeglasses that include plastic frames can be found in the brands Bolle, Montblanc, and Oakley. Anyone will love purchasing glasses from these designers.

Metal frames are great because they allow for some flexibility. They offer a better fit than rigid plastic frames. Anyone who wants a classic look in glasses will definitely want to go with the metal frames. If someone has an accident with their glasses, they will be able to bend them back into shape easily. The overall comfort of metal frames make it more appealing when compared to plastic. The only draw back of these frames is that they may cause a reaction as they are made of different materials. Some of them will react with skin and cause irritation. Different designer brands that specialize in metal frames include Serengeti, Jaguar, Davidoff, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Smith Optics among others.

When looking at plastic vs metal frames in fashion, people will want to consider the purpose for wearing the glasses. If someone is wearing them for prescription purposes, they will more than likely want to go with the more comfortable metal frames. Anyone who is just going to be wearing sunglasses from time to time will want to consider the stylish look of plastic frames. Either way, people will be able to find many different choices from various designers like those discussed in this article.

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